Welcome to Tanks Trucks and Firepower the UK’s largest arena for Military Vehicles and Group Battles!

We welcome all periods and all sized groups at the show.

Group Applications

The show grounds are located on farmland, which allows to dig most groups in with trenches. We have plenty of hedge rows and ample space for displays as well as a small woods.
Our 2022 show will feature a large WW2 battle reenactment with period vehicles, which you are welcomed to apply for!

Submit your Groups Application You are welcome to join us from Thursday the 25th.

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Please do not worry if numbers change after making your application.

WW2 and Axis Friendly Show

We welcome all groups for both Allied and Axis forces at the show and can join our arena battle.

Best in Show Throphy's

We have a number of categories at the show for both vehicle owners and groups.

Shower Blocks

For 2022, we have built new dedicated show blocks for exhibitors. Our food stalls are open till late.